Taking Great Candid Vacation Photos

Some of the best souvenirs of any vacation are the candid photos taken during the trip. If these photos are taken correctly, then they can bring everyone back to a special and irreplaceable moment in time. Several tips will help anyone to take great candid vacation photos.


Use the Right Camera

The first step is to use the right camera. Bringing along a large and bulky camera is not usually practical when going on vacation. Cell phone cameras do not take the best pictures. This is true even for phones that have high resolutions since a poor quality lens and downsampling will affect the final image. It is best to use a small camera with professional-quality sensors inside and a selection of interchangeable lenses.


Bring Cameras Everywhere

Candid moments happen all the time during a vacation. It is important to bring the camera along at all times during the trip. This should include long walks on a beach or fast trips to a restaurant. Having the camera handy will make it possible to capture unplanned and spontaneous moments that no one could have predicted, just like visits from the neighbors in Gardenscapes!!


Adjust the Depth of Field

The depth of field can be adjusted on most cameras. This changes the focus of the lens. Adjusting the depth of field will start to make distant objects seem blurrier and less distinct. The items in the near field that are close to the camera will still be sharp. Adjusting the depth of field can help when photographing someone or something that is in front of a busy or crowded location. The final image will show mainly the closest subjects while the background appears hazy and unfocused.


Take As Many Pictures as Possible

It is not always easy to know when a candid moment is going to occur during a vacation. Vacationers should try to take as many pictures as possible while traveling. This should include pictures of the surrounding area and landmarks. This will help to capture candid moments that might not have been obvious at the time. It also helps to bring along several extra memory cards for the camera. This will remove any limitations on the number of pictures that can be taken during the vacation.


Take Unrehearsed Pictures

Candid moments happen unexpectedly. A big mistake is to try to wait until something seems to line up correctly to take a picture. These types of posed pictures do not usually have the same emotional depth or impact as truly spontaneous and candid photos. Pictures should be taken unrehearsed even if it seems like they will not come out well. Taking multiple pictures while someone is running, walking or just sitting around could end up making a great candid photograph later.


The final tip is to watch the lighting and angles. Lighting should never be behind a subject. This can cause glare or silhouetting that will obscure the subjects. It is also important to watch the angles. Unusual angles like a worm’s-eye view or an aerial view can be fun. Most of the pictures, however, should be at eye-level in order to capture the emotions of the moment without distraction.