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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture your life in photographs? Ever considered what it would take to fill your memory card with images that will last a lifetime, reminding you of those special moments that mattered the most? Maybe we’re going a bit too far. Have you ever considered HOW to land those beautiful shots and memories? Infinity Filters will provide you with all the latest photography tips to keep your creative muse constantly working and sniffing out photo opportunities everywhere! Darlyn Wilson heads our team of four people.


Digital Photography

If National Geography are the gods of photography, then we can learn from them. Most of our tips are also shared sentiments of the folks at NatGeo, and we’re happy to say that they are willing to contribute a few pieces on our humble photography website! Keep your eyes peeled for special segments and features on wildlife, travel or people photography! Sometimes we also do gaming and anime photography, which may include Clash Royale, Pokemon, Neopets or MapleStory!


Challenging Photography

We take on the challenging topics in photography that are unusual or difficult. Underwater photography, perfect wedding-day shots, or pet photography, can be tedious photo activities! Brush up on your photography skills by reading our how-to articles will go a long way for your photo-taking expeditions!


Enjoying the Moments

Being in this line of work, one easily forgets to put down the camera to enjoy life as it is before one. Some of our articles will also include sections on how to breathe, how to enjoy food photography – and if photography is your full-time job – how to learn to stop being a walking camera on the constant lookout for photo opportunities. We’ll teach you how to switch off and go easy on yourself.


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The website won’t be quite the same without your viewership. Thank you for your support to bring captured beauty into this world, and for wanting to better your craft.


You inspire us, and we hope we will inspire you.