Best Food Photography

Best Food Photography Tips

Have you always wanted to be the type of person who shamelessly takes the best pictures of food? However, how does one get started with taking the best pictures? The answer is actually quite straightforward. You’ve got to practice certain techniques until you have mastered them, and develop your eye to accustom yourself to best use props like flowers and patterned paper to match your food plating and color.


Tip #1 Presentation is Everything

When it comes to photography, presentation is everything and food photography is no exception. If you want to take remarkable food photography pictures, then you have to present the food well. Making a dish look mouth-wateringly delicious is all about what you’re going to learn, and the good news is that you have a pretty high degree of control over how the food is presented. Angle your shot in such a way that it doesn’t take the focus away from the food, and everything else is working towards creating that prioritized shot.


Tip #2 Snap Pictures for Mood

Food photography is all about drawing from the right mood. You want to draw the viewer in without distracting them, and you can get started by styling the food in specific ways. One example of this would be placing a solid or simple patterned paper in front of it. You want to have enough paper to completely cover the entire field of view. Add minimal props if the table you’re on is too bare or boring. A little stalk of baby’s breath or a tulip sticking out at the ends can help to enhance the dish loads!


Tip #3 Experiment

When it comes to taking the best food photography pictures, you have to experiment with things. Even the smallest details can add to the perfection of a photo. Consider the napkins, placemats and the tablecloths. You can even place drinks and add candles in order to set a specific mood. The key here is to experiment with style and color – trust us, you’ll be surprised by clashing colors or patterns!


Tip #4 Budget Conscious People

Some people will be budget conscious and that is understandable. You can find many of these items at a thrift or resale store as well as flea markets and garage sales. In order to be successful, you have to consider these things carefully.


Tip #5 Use Your Best Examples

For example, if you have made a dozen cupcakes to choose from, pick out only those that are blemish-free. The smallest blemishes can distract the people from the actual food. Good examples look best in the photo.


Tip #6 Play With Angles and Perspectives

When you first start, you might be thinking that the best photos are looking down at the food from a 45 degree angle because this is usually how you eat; however, this does not make for the best photo shoots. If you look at pictures that have been done by professional food photographers, you will also notice that they place with the angles and the zoom button on the camera.


Tip #7 Everything is a Suggestion and Not a Rule

Food photography is all about creativity and snapping the best pictures. Rules will only hinder the creative process, which is why you should be willing to experiment with the photography in more than a few different way to find the best pictures.


Tip #8 Take Advantage of the Fact That Food Doesn’t Walk Away

Some food photography experts say that you only have a short time to work with the food. In the majority of cases, this is simply not true. You will have plenty of time to snap pictures of the food. Ice cream being the only real exception here. Feel free to walk around, zoom in and hover around the food to get the best shots of the food. Of course, don’t wander off and play Clash of Clans on PC or GTA-V before coming back to your food…


Tip #9 Apply General Photography Techniques

As it is with other photography, food photography is no different. You should aim to get soft shadows and a good exposure of the food for the best color rendering. Experiment with different focal points. If you are not steady enough to carry the camera, then you can use a tripod to avoid shaking. As always, never be afraid to add some artistic flair to your photos. This makes the images look more professional and beautiful.

Food photography is an art. The great thing about this type of photography is that you know when you have done a good job because it will make your viewer’s mouths water. Experiment and try to snap photos from riveting perspectives in order to have the best time. Not only will this lead to better pictures, but it will also mean that you have a better time. Food photography can be a great deal of fun, and it helps you to enjoy your food even more before eating it.